...libreta de notas, cuaderno de apuntes varios, álbum de recortes, notas al margen, archivo muerto, colección de babosadas, catálogo incatalogable, saco roto, cajón de sastre. "¡Solo pepenando cosas vivís!" decía mi abuela... un addendum al libro de todas las cosas


"La amaxofobia o miedo a conducir
Afecta al 33% de los conductores"


"intentarlo a veces no es suficiente, y entonces hay que inventarlo" --coso@worcel
"Mirabilis is one of my favourite Latin words. It means wonderful or astonishing. Pronounciation: mee-RAH-bi-lees." --Christine


"Architecture is crystallized music." --Goethe


"Listen to music, go to concerts, enjoy life." --The Taxi Driver of Xanax Taxi
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Crikey Website - In praise of paper and Finnish forests

"The Finns are curiously proud and proudly curious about paper. Some Finnish magazines inside covers list the editors, the publishers … and the type of paper that they use. Finns are the most carefree users of paper, untroubled by “how many trees had to die for this” guilt." --Therese Catanzariti of Finland
: "According to the survey, the strength of the Finnish school system is that it guarantees equal learning opportunities regardless of social background. Instead of comparison between pupils, the focus is on supporting and guiding pupils with special needs. Very few children need to repeat grades."
"A bit about the future:
Of course, not everything is sunny, the raw motivation, the hunger I had two years ago are gone. When you start a project like this, you set yourself some goals and when you achieve them, it gets harder to maintain that level of dedication. Especially if you are dealing with a freeware project." --Gambit